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Five Easy Steps On How To Publish A Book

Gathering Your Thoughts

Gathering Your Thoughts

Here are the Five Easy Steps On How To Publish A Book.

Step One: Book Cover

Having an exciting book cover will get your book discover. Good news is, there are several website and publishers who will assist you with this process. So you are not alone.

Step Two: Content and format

Publishing your book is so much easier! Yes, easier. All you need is a good word processing program and the correct template for your book adventure.

Step Three: Proofread

This is a must, especially if you are going the self-publishing way. Proofread your story, once, twice, three times and proofread it again. Just to make sure you have captured all your mistakes.

Step Four: Advertising

You need to get the word out here, Let people know what are you doing. Use Social Media for this……Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, even your own blog at WordPress……Get the word out of the next best seller!

Step Five: Money and Fame

Regardless, of your true motive or intention. Deep down you do want to be famous and a course makes money. In the event, the first time around wasn’t what you were hoping for. Do not discourage, learn from the experience the next book could be your ticket home.



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