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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Bookcover

Cristina Roskoff Gloria Gonzalez

Cristina Roskoff
Gloria Gonzalez

You just finish your book and now it’s time to select the best book cover that will surely fire your book sale, but you are stump on what to do.

You do not want a weak cover and certainly you do not want something too flashy. Just the right cover to get your book noticed and readers will be excited to read your content.

Here are five easy tips  on getting that perfect book cover.

  • Remember the famous saying..”….a picture is worth a thousand words..”  Think of what your book is about, focus on a phrase or a scene that brings the book to life. Then look for a picture revolving that theme (remember there are 100’s of websites that have great Stock Free Images for you to use), focus on it and look for the best image.
  • We all know the saying “sex sells”. However, you really don’t want to have an explicit picture, that the media or site you want to advertise will not accept..
  • Make sure you select an image of high quality, just because you are publishing a digital book, you might decide later on to have a print copy as well.
  • Do not put “by (your name). Just print your name. This not only shows you are a professional and not a newbie.
  • Lastly, give credit when credit is due. Once you have found that perfect image for your book cover makes sure to give credit to the site you gotten from or the photographer, that shows professionalism and good intent.
Now you are confidence you are on the right track so let’s make that awesome but cover and good luck!

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