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Do’s And Don’ts About Blogging

do's and don't on blogging

do’s and don’t about blogging

Here at Providence Publishers And Media Inc we have our own motto:

Create, Educate, and Distribute.



Create- We enjoy creating topics to help new and experienced self-publishers be successful.

Educate- By educating our followers on new ideas and trends.

Distribute- Followers are everything. You have to have somewhere to channel your product. Social Media is a great place to let yourself be known.


Do- Be creative, passionate about your work. You may read others bloggers material, but do not copy, word for word.
Do- Stay focus is a must. You have created a great Website. Try to keep your blog uniformed and neat. Neatness does count.
Do- Pictures are a very important part of your blog. A single picture can get your readers interested in what you are trying to say.


Don’t- Get caught in the moment. You are a voice, to share what you are viewing and experiencing. If you are going to make a comment, be courteous.
Don’t- Offensive language or badgering someone’s opinion is wrong.
We are all entitled to our own opinions. We blog with the purpose to informed, entertained, and even educate.
Don’t- Yes, pictures are very important to your blog. Judge the picture you are displaying. Look at the picture and determine if it too graphical or offensive. Informed your readers beforehand. Is their decision to view the offensive picture or video at their own discretion.


See it! Live it, Experience It!

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