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How To Publish A Magazine Suscessfully

September 2016 Issue of Max And Friends on Joomag.

September 2016 Issue of
Max And Friends on Joomag on Sale Now.

Your dream has always been to publish your own magazine. You can make this dream a reality and here is how:


1- Find your niche. Yes, you have heard it 1,000 times. Yet is true. You need to find something that makes you passionate to write and publish.


2- Pictures are everything. You will need a good supply of pictures. An average magazine can have over 100 pictures in one single publication. Pictures cost money,photographers have to eat as well.  Luckily for you, you can get royalty free stock photo. (see “Where to get free images” post for more detail)

Invest in a good camera or smartphone so that you can take your own pictures. Remember you only have 1 shot at getting that awesome cover picture for your magazine.


3- Advertising is a very important key to your success. You need to advertise before your magazine comes out. You need to advertise once your magazine has launch and most important you need to advertise after your magazine has been out. You need to let the world know you are out there.

Social Media:

4- One of your key elements in advertising is social media. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, even Linkedin can help you get your information out there. Do not just rely on these media alone. Tell your friends, your co-workers, anybody who will listen and get them interested.

Invest in flyers, or T-shirts. Anything that you might think of that will help make a memorable impression to the public in reference to your magazine.

Press Release:

5- Here you will have to spend money. Research them well before letting loose your money. Unfortunately, you will have to compose your own press release and submit it to them. If you do not know how to write one a good place to start its Fiverr for $5 you can get a press release done for you in 24 hours.


6- Yes start a blog. Let your new audience know exactly how,where, when, what and why you are doing this.

Starting a blog is a great way to express your accomplishments, your goals, and expectation you are seeking from all of your hard work. If you are doing your magazine  to donate a portion of your proceeds do not be afraid to let your audience know. Chances are, they may or may not buy your magazine but will donate funds for your cause.


If you decided you want a paper magazine or a digital magazine there are great websites to go to. I choosed Joomag as my digital publishers for my magazine. There are others as well that are cost effective.


“My dream was to make a magazine for a great cause. I am very passionate about animals. I have 1 dog and 1 cat that I spoil them rotten. It really broke my heart when I saw the atrocities inflicted on these animal in China, Korea and other Asian countries. I had to do something. I am not brave enough or stupid enough to go out and chain myself to a tree like the other advocate do. I figured a nice way to do some good was to make a Pet Magazine. My model is my Dog Max. It really has upset me a bit, that no one has purchased the magazine knowing it for a good cause. So I wait and continued to do my next issue of Max and Friends- hopefully someone will take notice and help this great cause that is also invading here in the US as well.”  

Here is my donate button I am  posting in this article.

Hi, My name is Cristina. On August 15th of this year, I  published thru Joomag and Providence Publishers “Max and Friends-The Magazine“. After being exposed to the horror of Animal Abused thru Social Media. I decided it was a great way to help a good cause by publishing a magazine named Max and Friends-The Magazine. This magazine is out on Joomag thru Google Play Store, Apple Store, and this website. The proceed collected will be donated to fight against Animal Abuse. If you cannot purchases the magazine. You can  make a donation thru this website.

Thank you.


September 2016 Issue of Max And Friends on Joomag.

September 2016 Issue of
Max And Friends on Joomag.



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