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Reader’s Etiquettes Toward The Bloggler

Reader’s etiquettes toward the blogger…………………………..


It has become customary for everyone to have a blog, web page, twitter, Facebook, Pinterest accounts, just to name a few.

We all love to share our latest triumphs, concerns, or just voice our opinion about everything.

As a Blogger you are responsible in bringing adequate information to your readers and over time develop a solid fan based. In return,your loyal readers will help you be recognized as a solid source of information and eventually you will be able to profit from your hard work.

All bloggers love to have their post liked, even more so if the reader takes their time and state what was it they enjoyed. This helps the blogger do a better job in bringing quality work. Yes, this is a job. Yes, some of us do not get paid to do this and some of us will ask politely for donations to maintain our websites going.

We are a community. We do take pride in our work.

We really do not mind if you want to plug your websites in the comment section, but do it in a professional way.

Just don’t say…..”Go to my website” and put it out there. Be candid agree or disagree with the post add additional information and then introduce your website as an addition to the topic the blogger has presented.

This not only will get you notice, you might be asked by the blogger to be a guest in helping them with their next topic and they will put a link to your blog. 


So please leave comments. Any comments are welcome. Praise the blogger for their picture, thank them for their recipe.  Tell them what you would like to read about next. Encouragement goes a long way.

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