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Help Us Fight Animal Abuse

Max and Cristina Roskoff-HarrisHello, my name is Cristina Roskoff-Harris and this is Max our star model in Max And Friends-The Magazine.

Just like you, I love to spend time on the Web and Social Media looking at cute adorable pictures of animals. Sadly, I came across some animals that didn’t have the privilege to be cute or adorable but were suffering abuse.

Animal Abuse is a crime, it is morally wrong. Individuals who like to cause harm to animals can and will in the future cause harm to children and human.

I am an animal lover and an advocate against Animal Cruelty. The Magazine Max and Friends is being published to help this honorable cause. Your donations are needed.

I have made my magazine affordable, the cost of $1.99 is a small price for the quality and long hours of work I have put in. All proceed will be donated to fight against Animal Abuse.  I do need your help. Donate here or use the donate button embedded in the magazine help us fight and help these animals have a better life.

Thank you for your support.

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Abuse Cat 1

Yulin Horror