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Reader’s Etiquettes Toward The Bloggler

Reader’s etiquettes toward the blogger………………………….. It has become customary for everyone to have a blog, web page, twitter, Facebook, Pinterest accounts, just to name a few. We all love to share our latest triumphs, concerns, or just voice our opinion about everything. As a Blogger you are responsible in bringing adequate information to your readers and over time Continue Reading

How To Choose The Correct Theme For Your Blog

We live in a world where graphic and contents go hand in hand. Choosing the correct theme for your website or blog is very important as well. Think of your theme as the outside look of your home. You want everyone to praise you on how beautiful your outside landscape is. A well organized, functional, mobile friendly theme is Continue Reading

Do’s And Don’ts About Blogging

Here at Providence Publishers And Media Inc we have our own motto: Create, Educate, and Distribute.     Create- We enjoy creating topics to help new and experienced self-publishers be successful. Educate- By educating our followers on new ideas and trends. Distribute- Followers are everything. You have to have somewhere to channel your product. Social Continue Reading